Golden Age of Lounge Music

Space Age Pop Music Comes to White Elephant

In March 2016 about 60 new albums have been added to the Emporium.  We hold no musical prejudices at White Elephant Records.  We sell anything especially good quality vinyl.  In this current tranche of additions there are about thirty olde

Frank Sinatra: London

Since the 60s, with the advent of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones and other friends, when fans ran wild and girls screamed themselves to a standstill at airports, in streets, inside theatres, on roofs and completely drowned out the

Lounge and Easy Listening, Exotic Tracks and Light Classics

  At White Elephant we have acquired over 1000 titles of Lounge and Easy Listening Music – compulsive percussion, sultry singers, Latin rhythms and smoother than smooth arrangements – the three Franks – DeVol, Chacksfield and Pourcel, Percy Faith, Mancini, Mantovani, Pepe