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The Auditorium – a Small Soundspace

The Auditorium brings some lost strange sounds to our attention.  And some not so mysterious but forgotten or lost.  Not all of them are brilliant.  Maybe only a tiny fraction might be considered masterpieces but there is a nucleus of

1967 – The Nice – Psychedelic or Prog +

The Nice, Keith Emerson’s first musical vehicle produced the weird pscych / prog album titled The thoughts of Emerlist Davjack, probably one of the worst titles invented.  The album was rated at #69 in the Best Ever Albums charts for

1967 – Strawberry Alarm Clock, Small Faces +

The Strawberry Alarm Clock, a Los Angeles based psychedelic band, released a fantastic album titled Incense and Peppermints in 1967.  The single was a #1 hit on the Billboard Top 100 on 25 November 1967, but the album was full

1967 – Fifty Foot Hose + Others from Psychedelia Land

Fifty Foot Hose was perhaps one of the strangest music groups to emerge in California.  Their psychedelic offerings were an experimental mix of jazz influences, early electronica, and rock.  The band released a single album  in 1967 titled Caldron and

1967 – Hapsash, Blues Magoos, Blosson Toes & The Electric Prunes – More Psychedelic Wonders

Hapsash & the Coloured Coat was a design duo in London – Michael English and Nigel Waymouth – and produced marvellous posters and two underground albums with decidely weird and psychedelic overtones, undertones and in-between tones, wails and hollers.  Rough

1967 – The Creation, Beacon Street & the 13th Floors

The Creation from UK were part of the beat groups from London.  Their second album was released in 1967 titled We are Paintermen –  as mysterious as you could be, and their music could be described as off kilter pop,

1967 – Ten Years After First Light of Day +

Ten Years After legends before their time released their debut self-titled album in 1967 and is rated at #195 on the Best Ever Albums charts.  Their first album can be described as rock blues, featuring mostly covers, whilst the remainder

1967 – More Psychedelic Garage

Yep there’s more.  Psych rockers The Litter released an unrehearsed monster with Distortions, rollicking around the studio with raga, drone and rock, and disappearing shortly after.  The album was rated at #236 on the Best Ever Albums charts for 1967 and

1967 – Spooky Connections & Psychedelia

UK Band, Art, with three members of what would become the fabled Spooky Tooth released an intriguing album in 1967 titled – Supernatural Fairy Tales. It was a year of lysergic urgency and experimentation.  Listen in. Spooky Tooth subsequently came together

1967 – Magic Mushrooms and Psychedelia

Just adding a few more lost psychedelic obscurities to our mysterious trip through the back pages of 1967.  Canadian Group –  The Paupers – released two albums during their brief career.  Their first album – Magic People – was released in