Jazz Scene

Sunday Jazz Cafe, The Duke & The White House

The first Sunday Jazz Cafe program went to air on 4 December on Radio Adelaide between 10:30 am and midday.  It was good to have some jazz music back on Radio Adelaide during the day time.  Since the demise of the

Jazz On The Terrace – Swingin’ in November

Friday the 13th but no spooky music today.  We get straight into it with Benny Carter and His Ork and Swingin’ in November, following with two high rollers – Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong with a little tune – Duke’s

Jazz On The Terrace – 2 September 2015

The second day of spring 2015 and my first day back on JOTT since before Christmas last year.  Nothing much has changed except the weather and as we say “I promise you Jazz Red Hot & Cool.”  JOTT is an

Primetime Jazz 19 August 2015 – Swing and Big Band

Well the 19th of August has been and gone in the rush of events around here.  But an extensive program was produced with 35 tracks played over the two hour time slot; a jazz hit parade of the 30s, 40s,

Swing Be Bop Blues: It’s all Go on the Radio Daddio

Jazz Scene is a new page that will naturally focus on things Jazz, the music, the great albums and the players.  We will also look at the development and preparation of jazz programs for Radio Adelaide (online, on digital radio