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Easter Monday – Semaphore Record Fair #14

The first major Record Fair for 2018 is scheduled for Easter Monday 2nd April at Semaphore courtesy of Mr V Music.  Easter brings autumnal weather and pleasant sea breezes along the Semaphore shores.  The fair will be held at the

Adelaide Record Fair Calendar 2018

Welcome to 2018.  As my old grandfather used to say “may you prosper and your sheep never get the foot rot!”  Before you plan your year – weddings, overseas trips or holidays at home or in far flung places, check

Cassettes on the Comeback!!!!!!!!!!!!! or Not?

Over the past few years Vinyl sales have increased significantly around the world.  Whilst the production of vinyl albums has been enabled by the careful management and cannibalization of old machines, many of them manufactured in the 1970s, new record

Semaphore Fair – October 2017 – Wrap Up

Weather for the Semaphore Fair on the October long weekend was fantastic.  No rain or wind to hamper the unpacking and setup – always risky – and there is nothing worse than a good album cover with water damage.  Business

Come fly with me to the Semaphore Record Fair

It’s that time of the year again.  The football finals will be done and dusted and it’s time to enjoy a good day out at our favourite springtime Record Fair.  Yes the Semaphore Record Fair will be held on Monday,

Music Palooza Alive & Well!

Plant #1 Humming Plant #1 was humming on 22/23 July as punters crowded into the old factory site looking for bargains, good buys, the unusual, hidden gems and the latest on vinyl.  The weather was cool and without rancour.  On

Music Palooza Record Fair 2017 – July 22/23 – Adelaide

Sick of the News.  All Trumped Out.  Need a break from anything at all. The Footy’s getting boring, your side is not doing too well and it’s cold and windy at the game.  You get ripped off eating cold pies

Revised Calendar for Adelaide Record & Book Fairs – 2017

Two important dates for Adelaide Record and Book Fairs have been updated. MusicPalooza will now operate on the weekend of 22/23 July at the new venue in the gaily painted Plant No 1 amidst the new contruction of the groovy

Semaphore Record Fair – Gems on Sale

The weather for the Semaphore Record Fair was cool and cloudy.  There was little wind and no rain to disturb the picnic atmosphere of those record sellers outside the confines of St Bede’s hall.  Inside the hallowed walls it was

Semaphore Record Fair – 23 April 2017

Record Store Day – 22 April: Semaphore Record Fair – 23 April! What a weekend! Autumn beckons, a change of season from the hot summer sun to the clear shade and cooler autumnal rain.  The cricket season is over finishing