Everyday is Record Store Day at White Elephant Records.  We are an online store and you may also visit by appointment.  We are based at the fair suburb of Welland in the inner west of vibrant Adelaide.  You can also catch us at the major Record Fairs held each year in Adelaide run by Music Palooza and Mr V at Semaphore.  The Calendar of Record Fairs for 2019 is under our News banner.

At White Elephant Records we have heaps of good quality classic albums, and great music from the 40s through to the 21st Century – rock, blues, jazz, country, new wave, pop, punk, disco, soul, surf, bluegrass, Hollywood, Broadway and West End soundtracks and musicals, and also gems from the Golden Lounge Era of the 40s and 50s.

Call us on 0404 803 349 to make an appointment to visit the bricks and mortar shop or look online at our shops, either at reliable MusicStack or the revered vaults of Discogs at the following web addresses:



This year we have transferred all shopping options to MusicStack and Discogs and are in the throes of converting this website into a ripping Rock History Museum showcasing the White Elephant Collection, and exploring albums, artists and music, over the past century.  The Emporium has converted to The Collection, and although only a standard picture of a vinyl record is currently depicted for each album, we hope to have the real thing in due course [noting there is no quick way to acquire and upload about 5000 images.]

RockBlogster is our potpourri of rock history and immersion in musical adventures, starting in 1963 with Herb Alpert and The Lonely Bull, just before the great British invasion, and then we go all over the place.  We analyse the charts in Australia from Go-Set Magazine, [and local Radio charts] the UK Official Charts and Billboard in the USA to jog  dim memories.

To date we have rolled out commentary for 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966 – Sun and Surf, instrumental bands, the Folk Revival, the arrival of His “Bobness”, the Merseybeat and early Beatles and Rolling Stones.  And our reports track the background events to the soundtracks of our lives – the Black Riots in America, Vietnam, massive demonstrations, Flower Power, street revolution and political assassinations.

In 2017 we explored Psychedelic Sounds and the Summer of Love in the break-out year of 1967.  2018 portrayed the darker happenings of 1968 and Aretha Franklin’s emergence as the Queen of Soul at Atlantic Records.  This year we will research 1969 before we crash through into the 70s.  Read on!

There is also special commentary on the Jazz Scene, the Golden Era of Lounge Music, and Stage and Screen pages – something for everyone.  White Elephant Records – an Adelaide Record Store of note, operating quietly since 2005.

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