1969 – End of a Momentous Decade

Into the Light & Darkness The Sixties was certainly a decade of vast change and upheaval.  The earlier short back and sides of Rock n’ Roll and the crooners gave way to the irrepressible new beat from Merseyside, the Beatles,

Rockblogster – The Soundtracks of Our Lives

Rockblogster is a running commentary of Rock and Pop happenings starting in 1963 when the music started to get interesting again.  Rock and Roll had had its first eruption in the mid 1950s and Elvis seemed to have run his

1968 – Best Albums – Aretha, Jimi, Cream and Janis!!!!

1968 – More and Louder The Summer of Love and Sgt Peppers brokered a new era of musical creation in the Pop and Rock scene spreading into a wonderful colourful explosion in 1968.  Album sales continued to boom along with

1968 – Jukebox in Black White & Technicolour

Whilst the Summer of Love may have been hard to top, 1968 generated some heat of its own.  Without too much effort we have created two Jukeboxes – one with predominantly the newer breed of young white groups starting to

1968 Street Fighting, Protest & Revolution – Hot Singles

Vietnam – a gloomy shadow Improving on the Summer of Love was always going to be difficult.  1968 proved to be a long and frustrating year.  The war in Vietnam was getting worse, more bombing, more fighting, and an increasing

1967 – Billboard “Best Record Talent”

Well we have analyzed Rock Pop RnB Soul Blues & Psychedelia from many angles and across three continents in 1967.  But there is always one more view or one more unknown hit to make us laugh or cry.  Billboard published,

1967 – Top Psychedelic Albums!!!!

The Psychedelic Era – Brief, Glorious and Colourful The Psychelic Era in 1967 was brief, glorious and colourful.  The previous eleven Rockblogster Posts have highlighted albums by bands self-described as “psychedelic”, or by their fans, or critics as having some

1967 – Best Albums – Summer of Love / Psychedelia / Sgt Pepper’s

1967 – The Year of the Album and Sales are booming United Artists, in a moment of confidence and flamboyance, nominated the next James Bond film theme – You only live twice – as “Album of the the Year”.  Despite

1967 – First Ever Jazz Rock album +

The Free Spirits are credited with releasing the first Jazz Rock album.  Originally formed as a jazz group they released an album in 1967 titled Out of Sight and Sound and they certainly were.  The late Larry Coryell, guitarist extraordinaire,

Summer of Love – 1967

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