Who we are

Security Manager – Molly


Tough and determined, lazy at times, sleeps a lot, does not like Jimi Hendrix or Bob Dylan on high volume, but very devoted to the staff of White Elephant Records – all you could want as your front line security manager.  Molly has now fully recovered from her knee reconstruction and is on full alert.  Patrols are carried out along property boundaries at regular intervals.  But she still likes a nice mid morning nap and an afternoon snooze in the sun, and a sip on a Coopers Pale Ale in the evening.

RIP Molly – Saturday 11 June 2016 aged 13 years and 10 months – sadly missed around the traps. 

Chief PooBah – John

Photo_00011Collector of LP records since about 1965, when he purchased his first LP – the Five Faces of Manfred Mann – with his first pay check – and still thinks that it’s a gem. When he went back to Discurios Record Store in an old Melbourne arcade to buy some more of that rhythm and blues stuff, the staff showed him some Big Joe Williams. But he was having none of that. “Have you got any Kinks records?” !!!!! Well you live and learn.


The Shop

shop_eastwestThere’s plenty of good vinyl here, sorted alphabetically and into genres. We look forward to your frequent visits.