Sunday Jazz Cafe, The Duke & The White House

The first Sunday Jazz Cafe program went to air on 4 December on Radio Adelaide between 10:30 am and midday.  It was good to have some jazz music back on Radio Adelaide during the day time.  Since the demise of the

1966 – Best Albums – Beatles, Bob, Beach Boys

1966 – Beatles on first base with Revolver – who’s on second! There is a remarkable consistency between music opinion makers about the top rock and pop albums of 1966.  The Best Ever website, canvassing thousands of voters across

1966 – Yellow Submarine Vs The Troggs

Prince Charles leaves Berties Discotheque in disarray In July 1966 Prince Charles, after spending summer and autumn grooving to the best of Melbourne’s pop scene in the hallowed cloisters of Timbertop College Geelong, drinking cherry brandy, was whisked back to

Fifty Years Ago Today – 1966

On the world scene 1966 is fraught with conflict as the US bombs Hanoi in North Vietnam.  Mao tse-Tung unleashes the Cultural Revolution forcing thousands of ‘revisionist’ citizens from the cities into the countryside.  In Australia, Sir Robert Menzies resigns

Space Age Pop Music Comes to White Elephant

In March 2016 about 60 new albums have been added to the Emporium.  We hold no musical prejudices at White Elephant Records.  We sell anything especially good quality vinyl.  In this current tranche of additions there are about thirty olde

1965 – Breakout Year For Albums

1965 was one of those breaking years.  The music of the Beatles, Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan swamped the air waves and the listening public or at least the teenage population.  The baby-boomers were tuned almost exclusively to the new

Jazz On The Terrace – Swingin’ in November

Friday the 13th but no spooky music today.  We get straight into it with Benny Carter and His Ork and Swingin’ in November, following with two high rollers – Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong with a little tune – Duke’s

Winter 1965 Downunder to Christmas 1965: Seekers on Top

Autumn and Cilla Black It was a Monday evening, 15 March 1965, as we approached the dark entrance to Melbourne’s Festival Hall, home to Victorian boxing championship bouts and ring-side wrestling.  But tonight we were off to see Cilla Black. 

Jazz On The Terrace – 2 September 2015

The second day of spring 2015 and my first day back on JOTT since before Christmas last year.  Nothing much has changed except the weather and as we say “I promise you Jazz Red Hot & Cool.”  JOTT is an

Primetime Jazz 19 August 2015 – Swing and Big Band

Well the 19th of August has been and gone in the rush of events around here.  But an extensive program was produced with 35 tracks played over the two hour time slot; a jazz hit parade of the 30s, 40s,