Getting Ready for Music Palooza

Our preparations for the Music Palooza have been underway for the past few weeks and we are almost ready for the Record Fair on the Weekend of 5/6 July.  As usual we keep an eye out for the weather and unfortunately we anticipate rain on the Friday night when we will be unpacking our booty.  But don’t let the rain keep you away on the weekend.

We have selected about 2000 vinyl records with many new additions including Blur, Kula Shaker, Pearl Jam, Joe Walsh, Kinks, Hefner, old Genesis, Sonic youth, Screaming Trees, Ween, Violent femmes and Frank Zappa – and mostly in near mint condition.  We will also have about 400 CDs, all going for $4.00 each, with many new releases of contemporary artists, but also a good selection of Jazz and Blue Grass.

If you are looking for White Elephant Records we will be the second stallholder inside the front door of the Christian Brothers Gym to your right along the southern wall – right next to Graham Lusty, who will have his usual excellent supply of well-priced brand new albums.  Check out the floor plan on the Music Palooza website; Graham will occupy tables 1-3 and White Elephant Records will occupy tables 4-6.  Drop in and say hello and buy a few LPs.

Recently White Elephant Records registered as a seller with GEMM.  See HTTP://

Since 1994, GEMM is the first and the original internet marketplace (yes, before ebay and Amazon), bringing together buyers and sellers from all over the world.  GEMM started with music, and grew to encompass books, video, and all types of merchandise that people want to buy and sell.

Participating sellers range anywhere from the casual collector, with just a few items in their catalogues, to large collectors and stores with thousands of items to offer.  No catalogue is too large or too small for GEMM.

As they say at GEMM, “with more than 30,000 catalogues of merchandise listing over 35 million items, truly, if you can`t find it here then fuhgeddaboudit!”

We at White Elephant Records have been trading with GEMM since 2002, in a private capacity, and our experience with the on-line record buying and selling community has been second to none, providing you make good choices when selecting items to purchase.  Of the 150 orders placed in the past 12 years, only two LPs have proven disappointing and required refunding of the transaction.  Good luck and good buying.

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