Semaphore Record Fair – 17 April 2016

SEM_REC_FAIR_10_WEBFlyer copyTo celebrate Record Store day 2016 Mr V of Mr VMusic is conducting another extravaganza Record Fair on Sunday 17 April 2016 at St Bede’s Hall, 200 Military Road, Semaphore.

The fair is free to all and doors open at 10.00 am and close at 4.00pm.  As usual there will be about 25 traders and 60 well stocked tables of merchandise inside and outside the hall – probably about 50,000 albums, CDs, singles, EPS, DVDs books and comics.  Yes this fair has it all – Blues, Rock, Jazz, Hip Hop, Country, Blue Grass, Pop, Pop & Pop, Grunge, Industrial, Stage & Screen, Easy Listening, Crooners, One Hit Wonders, Soul, Disco & Gospel.  Come one come all.

The weather down Semaphore way is usually sparkling and we are not far from the esplanade and bay waters.  So come down and enjoy the day browsing, buying, and dusting off some old LP covers.  There are refreshments provided at the hall by Louise and her friendly staff who support the Parish.  Have a coffee and cake, a hot pie and sauce, or a cool drink.  Remember to keep your sticky fingers off the vinyl unless of course you have already paid for the disc.  Just a precaution, we know you would never do it, even though Louise’s cakes are pretty good!

Drop by and see White Elephant Records inside the southern entrance near the rear car park. See you there.

Any chance you’ve got Sticky Fingers?  Try Under ‘R’ mate for Rolling Stones – jusy before you get to Linda Ronstadt and after Julie Rogers – there might be a decent copy in there at a good price.  That’s if you’re lucky, good copies are hard to come by.


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