Semaphore Record Fair – 23 April 2017

Record Store Day – 22 April: Semaphore Record Fair – 23 April! What a weekend!

Autumn beckons, a change of season from the hot summer sun to the clear shade and cooler autumnal rain.  The cricket season is over finishing with a feisty Test Series in India following the hoopla of the summer season downunder.  Football now controls our screens and emotions, week days and nights and weekends, blocking any alternate interference to our lives.

But there are significant world events – such as Record Store Day, celebrated on 22 April 2017, which can sideline the football behemoth – at least for 24 hours. White Elephant Records will participate at the 12th Semaphore Record Fair on 23 April in the hallowed spirit of Record Store Day – heaps of pre-loved and new vinyl, dusty boxes, books, pop souvenirs, posters and CDs, DVDs and rock paraphernalia.

Under Mr V’s sponsorship there will be over 30 sellers and over 60 tables of vinyl records and other loot.  As usual the Fair will be held at St Bede’s Hall, 200 Military Road, Semaphore.  Entry is free and the doors open at 9:00 am and close at 4:00 pm, but for the regulars the hunt starts as soon as the crates are unpacked or in the process of unpacking.

It’s a great day out and Louise and her parish friends put on a fantastic choice of cakes, tarts, iced buns, pies, hot food and drinks to keep the energy levels up.

So if you are on the lookout for some Blues or Jazz, New Wave, Dance, Trance, Rock, Pop, Punk or Surf, swing in and check out the 50,000 titles on the tables.  There is always the chance that the Great Lost Kinks Album or lesser gems are awaiting your appraisal.  Come one come all.

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