1967 – More Psychedelic Garage

Yep there’s more.  Psych rockers The Litter released an unrehearsed monster with Distortions, rollicking around the studio with raga, drone and rock, and disappearing shortly after.  The album was rated at #236 on the Best Ever Albums charts for 1967 and we have the first track from the album – Action Woman.

The Beau Brummels, a surf band from North Beach California, could not resist the gravity pull of the psychedelic scene and released an album titled Triangle in 1967, rated at #223 on the Best Ever Albums chart.  It was a more subdued album than other psychrockers but slipped into the surreal atmosphere of the times.  We have a selection from the album – Painter of Women.

From Belgium, The Klan released a gem in 1967 titled Join Us, sounding like a tuneful mix of the Kinks and the Beatles – almost made in heaven!  The LP is very expensive if you check out the Discogs marketplace as there has been no reissue or CD released since the original album was published.  The album rates at #223 on the Best Ever Album charts for 1967.  YouTube denotes the album was released in 1966 but this is not the case.  Worth a listen.

The Fallen Angels, always a likely moniker for a new band, hailed from Washington DC.  The group was popular in the musical underground with their flair for experimentation, adhering to the psychedelic highways, but failing to make a dent in the national psyche. Notwithstanding, their self titled debut album rated at #203 in the Best Ever Albums charts so someone out there was buying and listening to their music.  The band released a second album in 1968.  The group’s leader Jack Bryant, vocals and bass, revived the band in 1997 and released another album of old and new material, touring through to 2009.



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