Cassettes on the Comeback!!!!!!!!!!!!! or Not?

Over the past few years Vinyl sales have increased significantly around the world.  Whilst the production of vinyl albums has been enabled by the careful management and cannibalization of old machines, many of them manufactured in the 1970s, new record presses have been designed and are being brought on-line to meet the demand.  This may come as news to fans who have been streaming music for years but for older and more traditional fans it is as life should be – the comforting sound and feel of black vinyl in polythene sleeves and readable arty covers.

But the big surprise is that cassettes, the largest selling format of the 1980s, is making a comeback.  Check out the following link courtesy of The Official Charts (UK).

The big question is what are we going to play them on?  Time to rescue the old cassette deck from the shed or buy one from your local Cash Converters outlet.  Hold off on buying a new car as they only have streaming and mp3 devices – even CDs have been given the heave-ho by car manufacturers.

The Vinyl Factory has prepared a list of the best cassette decks which might assist you should the deck in the shed be dead!

The 8 best tape decks for home listening

Spotted in a busy bicycle shop in Canberra today is this prehistoric wall of cassettes.  Might be right for recycling!!!!

Tune Bike Works Feature Wall


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