1967 Weirdness in the Goldmine

The psychedelic mood of exploration within the rock music scene in 1967 brought us some weird and obscure albums.  Check out The Dream from Norway, long forgotten northerners experimenting in the Scandinavian darkness, and their 1967 album Get Dreamy rated # 309 on the Best Ever Albums site.

Scandinavia is a repository of cult.  In Denmark in 1967 Steppeulvene were also in the studio pushing out psychedelic fare from the deep forests of the night.  Dunhammeraften is the first track off their 1967 album Hip.

On the other side of the world in Boston, Massachusetts, The Freeborne coalesced, producing an eclectic psychedelic album titled Peak Impressions rated at #290 on the Best Ever Albums charts.  It is worth a listen.

And down in California several creators were at work.  Ry Cooder in his 60s fusion days with Larry Kechtel on key boards and Jim Gordon on drums and unmentionable others produced some raga rock freak psychedelia.  The group was called The Ceyleib People and the album Tanyet, another obsurity from 1967 and rated as #274 of the Best Ever Albums.  Brings a smile to your face.  Try these four gems out and we may unearth some more as we trawl through the albums of 1967 and the Summer of Love.


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