1967 – Magic Mushrooms and Psychedelia

Just adding a few more lost psychedelic obscurities to our mysterious trip through the back pages of 1967.  Canadian Group –  The Paupers – released two albums during their brief career.  Their first album – Magic People – was released in 1967 and is listed at #261 on the Best Albums Ever site.

From Los Angeles, The Beethoven Soul band, purveyors of baroque sunhine pop, prog, and brass psych released a self-titled album in mid 1967, never to be heard of again.

In London, the Smoke (originally from York), released an album titled It’s smoke time in 1967 which is rated as #257 on the Best Ever Album chart.  My friend Jack, a single off the album, reached #2 on the West German Hit Parade, and was banned from British airwaves by the BBC due to alleged drug references.

One last band for this trip.  The Aggregation from Los Angeles released a single album also in 1967 titled Mind Odyssey. The album is rated at #253 on the Best Ever Album Charts.  The Aggregation were a 5-piece band of college graduates, several of which had degrees in music.  The band appeared quite often at Disneyland and played cover versions of contemporary hits for visiting teenagers, but they also composed original music to work in conjunction with the rides and expositions on offer at Disneyland’s Tomorrowland – a palace of space, dreams and time zones.  Mind Odyssey is obscure, cultish, trippy and a quintessentially psychedelic wonderland.  Have a listen.

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