1967 – Hapsash, Blues Magoos, Blosson Toes & The Electric Prunes – More Psychedelic Wonders

Hapsash & the Coloured Coat was a design duo in London – Michael English and Nigel Waymouth – and produced marvellous posters and two underground albums with decidely weird and psychedelic overtones, undertones and in-between tones, wails and hollers.  Rough on the edges, garage, folk and endlessly fascinating.  The 1967 album is titled Featuring the Human Host and the Heavy Metal Kids.  The album is rated at #306 in the Best Ever Album charts for 1967.

The Blues Magoos, from the Bronx New York, having released an excellent album in 1966 continued with the good work in 1967 with Electric Comic Book.  The album rated at #303 in the Best Ever Album charts falling short of their earlier achievement.  Try this track for size.

Blossom Toes from UK were quinessentially British Pschydelia releasing a single album in the rich lodestone of 1967 titled We are ever so clean and why not.  The group was managed by the svengali Giorgio Gomelsky and published on his Marmalade label.  The album was not successful commercially but rated at #124 on the Best Ever Album charts for 1967, and included in Record Collector Magazine’s 100 Greatest Psychedelic Albums.

Moving into higher territory on the Best Ever Album charts at #120 we have The Electric Prunes, a group formed in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, California in 1965 and their self-titled debut album, launching the jaunty I had too much to  dream last night.  Dream on.



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