1967 – Fifty Foot Hose + Others from Psychedelia Land

Fifty Foot Hose was perhaps one of the strangest music groups to emerge in California.  Their psychedelic offerings were an experimental mix of jazz influences, early electronica, and rock.  The band released a single album  in 1967 titled Caldron and Best Ever Albums have it rated at #111.  Listen in.  The first 2:06 is a quiet electronic buzz gradually becoming louder before unleashing into a wild vocal by Nancy Blossom – the original flower girl maybe?

The Index was a garage / psychedelic / surf rock band from Grosse Point, Michigan.  It is reported that upon hearing the first album by the Jimi Hendrix Experience in 1967, they incorporated some of its sonic influences into their often highly reverbed sound, which has been described as “mournful” and “droning,” with certain songs’ melodies based around modes, imbuing their music with what rock critic, Richie Unterberger, has described as a “surfing on the moon feel.” [Courtesy of Wikipedia].  According the Best Album Ever Charts the self-titled album, aka The Black Album rated at #92.  Surf on.

The Electric Prunes were on fire in 1967 releasing two great albums.  Their second album Underground was rated higher by the Best Ever Albums charts at #82 and the band revelled in their psychedelic licks.

The Deviants from London launched their album Ptooff!, originally selling 8000 copies by mail order on their own Impresario label, before being picked up by Decca Records.   The Deviants would go on to release another two albums fulling living up to their moniker and also the foreunner of celebrated 70s UK group The Pink Fairies.  Ptooff! – a proto-punk garage rock piece of psychedelia, was rated at #82 on the Best Ever Album charts for 1967.


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