1967 – Strawberry Alarm Clock, Small Faces +

The Strawberry Alarm Clock, a Los Angeles based psychedelic band, released a fantastic album titled Incense and Peppermints in 1967.  The single was a #1 hit on the Billboard Top 100 on 25 November 1967, but the album was full of much better songs.  The album is highly rated at #79 on the Best Ever Albums Charts for 1967.  Lie back and enjoy it.

Rated at #73 are the Small Faces with the US release album There are but four small faces with two of the best psychedelic tracks of 1967 – Itchycoo Park and Tin Soldier, although the album overall is classic rock.  Not to be missed.

A stronger harder edge protopunk psychedelic garage emerged with the US group The Chocolate Watchband, not to be confused with the English group The Chocolate Watch Band, who released two singles in 1967.  Their first album No Way Out was rated at #72 in the Bset Ever Album charts for 1967 although failing to breach the Billboard Top 200 Albums.  The group remained a popular live act around San Francisco breaking up in 1970 after releasing another two albums.

Lying at #71 in the Best Ever Albums for 1967, bunched in with the Chocolate Watchband, Small Faces and the Strawberry Alarm Clock, is Pearls Before Swine with their debut album One Nation Underground, revered by many Psychfans.  The album was relatively successful selling 200,000 copies although it is reported that the band did not receive any of the cash.  The band went on to release six albums between 1967 and 1971.


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