1968 – Jukebox in Black White & Technicolour

Whilst the Summer of Love may have been hard to top, 1968 generated some heat of its own.  Without too much effort we have created two Jukeboxes – one with predominantly the newer breed of young white groups starting to push the limits like Cream and others like the Rolling Stones, summoning up the energy of modern youth, and with the Beatles leading off into new realms.

To celebrate the longevity of the Stones check out this 2006 live concert clip of Jumpin’ Jack Flash at Copacabana Beach, Rio De Janeiro with 1.5 million fans in attendance – the biggest all time crowd.

On the Black Pop Soul and RnB Jukebox, many of Motown’s glitterati come to the party including the late great Otis Redding with his beautiful posthumous Sitting on the dock in the Bay.  But standing young and proud, Aretha Franklin, freshly installed at Atlantic Records, stormed the charts with multiple entries and we have included as many of hers as possible.

We have a live performance of Nina Simone performing her single I got no – I got life.  Very Cool.

The only reason the Jukeboxes have been split into two sections is simply ease of access, and also to show that Black Pop Soul & RnB was a self assured milieu of soulful and rhythmic songs that never failed to please or chart.

For the record we have not included any Snoopy Songs by the Royal Guardsmen, or any 1910 Fruitgum Company or similar bubblegum stuff, or any Union Gap (due to Union Rules?) or any middle-of-the-road stuff, or any novelty songs – except for maybe Here comes the Judge, which is possibly the first ever rap song.  But we have tried to select the best of 1968 taking little notice of chart performance. Happy listening.

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