Year: 2018

Semaphore Record Fair #15 – 1 October 2018

It’s that time of the year again.  The roar of the crowds – the hiss and boo of rival supporters, flags and scarves waving gaily in the breeze favouring the scoreboard end…..Collingwood lines up against the Eagles on Saturday, 29

August Record Fairs: The Report

The Record Fairs held in August were varied affairs.  At Music Palooza we fought the weather inside and outside the Warehouse, a malfunctioning ironclad building, at times noisy with hail penetrating the shoddy roof, dismal, cold with inadequate light.  The

Northern Adelaide Record Fair – Saturday 25 August 2018

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water.  Following a wet and soggy two days at Music Palooza two weeks back, where deals were brisk and sales were generous, White Elephant Records will be recharging

Music Palooza – 11&12 August at the Warehouse

Winter temperatures and rain have fallen in Adelaide with great consistency in recent weeks and in the days leading up to Music Palooza, a bright beacon on our social calendar.   And on this weekend it will be raining records in

1968 – Best Albums – Aretha, Jimi, Cream and Janis!!!!

1968 – More and Louder The Summer of Love and Sgt Peppers brokered a new era of musical creation in the Pop and Rock scene spreading into a wonderful colourful explosion in 1968.  Album sales continued to boom along with

Easter Monday – Semaphore Record Fair #14

The first major Record Fair for 2018 is scheduled for Easter Monday 2nd April at Semaphore courtesy of Mr V Music.  Easter brings autumnal weather and pleasant sea breezes along the Semaphore shores.  The fair will be held at the

1968 – Jukebox in Black White & Technicolour

Whilst the Summer of Love may have been hard to top, 1968 generated some heat of its own.  Without too much effort we have created two Jukeboxes – one with predominantly the newer breed of young white groups starting to

1968 Street Fighting, Protest & Revolution – Hot Singles

Vietnam – a gloomy shadow Improving on the Summer of Love was always going to be difficult.  1968 proved to be a long and frustrating year.  The war in Vietnam was getting worse, more bombing, more fighting, and an increasing

Adelaide Record Fair Calendar 2018

Welcome to 2018.  As my old grandfather used to say “may you prosper and your sheep never get the foot rot!”  Before you plan your year – weddings, overseas trips or holidays at home or in far flung places, check