Year: 2015

Jazz On The Terrace – Swingin’ in November

Friday the 13th but no spooky music today.  We get straight into it with Benny Carter and His Ork and Swingin’ in November, following with two high rollers – Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong with a little tune – Duke’s

Plenty of Hot Pies at Semaphore 5 October

The temperature in Adelaide was a hot 35C on Monday October 5.  At Semaphore the temperature was 32C with the benefit of a sea breeze and business was brisk at the Record Fair throughout most of the day.  Sellers outside

Winter 1965 Downunder to Christmas 1965: Seekers on Top

Autumn and Cilla Black It was a Monday evening, 15 March 1965, as we approached the dark entrance to Melbourne’s Festival Hall, home to Victorian boxing championship bouts and ring-side wrestling.  But tonight we were off to see Cilla Black. 

PopMarket Video – Vinyl Delight

The PopMarket site released a wonderful video today regaling us with the delight of vinyl.  Have a look and listen it’s marvellous.  As they say “Vinyl: it’s a lifestyle, man“.

Semaphore Record Fair – October 2015

It’s that time of the year again.  The football grand finals will have all been played and we are ready to enjoy a good day out at our favourite springtime Record Fair.  Yes the Semaphore Record Fair is on Monday,

Jazz On The Terrace – 2 September 2015

The second day of spring 2015 and my first day back on JOTT since before Christmas last year.  Nothing much has changed except the weather and as we say “I promise you Jazz Red Hot & Cool.”  JOTT is an

Primetime Jazz 19 August 2015 – Swing and Big Band

Well the 19th of August has been and gone in the rush of events around here.  But an extensive program was produced with 35 tracks played over the two hour time slot; a jazz hit parade of the 30s, 40s,

Swing Be Bop Blues: It’s all Go on the Radio Daddio

Jazz Scene is a new page that will naturally focus on things Jazz, the music, the great albums and the players.  We will also look at the development and preparation of jazz programs for Radio Adelaide (online, on digital radio

Frank Sinatra: London

Since the 60s, with the advent of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones and other friends, when fans ran wild and girls screamed themselves to a standstill at airports, in streets, inside theatres, on roofs and completely drowned out the

Coming Soon Soundtrack Heaven

Music from Stage & Screen has declined since the hey days of the 1940s and 1950s, where stage shows opened on Broadway & the West End in an almost continuous stream, and Hollywood screened opus after opus.  Can you remember